Our team

Our consolidated team is composed of professionals with several years' experience. Each of us has a different professional focus. Our mutual co-operation, substitutability and various points of view in resolving the client's assignment enables us to provide our clients with effective and complex legal services of the highest standard.

“Better to have no dispute than to win a court case!”

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JUDr. Michal Pacovský

Senior Partner

“Life is like a game, and the law is its rules. The better we know these rules, the better we can play the game.”

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Mgr. Jan Pacovský, LL.M.

Managing Partner

“Better to avert problems than to deal with them once they arise.”

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JUDr. Branko Laketič


“Justice is often just the point of view. Judicial proceedings are an opportunity to show the judge the right one.”

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Mgr. Barbora Peštová

Articled clerk Mgr. JANA ZUKALOVÁ j.zukalova@pacovsky.eu
Articled clerk JUDr. VERONIKA KOVÁČIKOVÁ v.kovacikova@pacovsky.eu
Articled clerk Mgr. KATARÍNA HUMENNÁ k.humenna@pacovsky.eu